The price for VISN consists of a one-time hardware and service cost, followed by a monthly subscription. These costs are calculated for each project specifically.

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installation cost (one-time)

license fee (monthly)

Value of VISN

VISN reduces cost of utilities, rent and employees.

There is a rule of thumb that describes the typical spendings in a building. There are 29€ per square meter per year for utilities, 290€ for rent and 2900€ for the payroll.

While these numbers are just exemplary, they are very helpful to provide orders of magnitude between the three areas of expenditure.

Benefit of VISN:

Increase building efficiency
Reduce rented space
Offer efficient working environment

Typical expenditures in your facilities:

29 €/m2
290 €/m2
2900 €/m2

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