Smart Workspace Management

  • Reduce rent expenses by optimizing workspace utilization
  • Increase employee satisfaction and efficiency by offering an optimal workplace experience
  • Save energy by adjusting your lighting, cleaning or heating to real-life demand
  • 100% data protection through anonymous infrared sensor data

VISN analyzes space usage in real-time, providing an intuitive booking and navigation experience, while providing an optimized office space layout to help balance operating costs and rent, leading to improved employees satisfaction.

  • 2019 IoT/WT Innovation World Cup

  • 2019 Digital Champions Award: Digital X South

  • 2018 Deutscher Digital Award

As a building manager, we know what you worry about!

  • Smart building management

    use collected data to optimize your building

  • New work

    create a flexible collection of workspaces, offering an efficient work environment

  • Rising property rents

    offset costs by reducing the amounted of unrented space

  • War for talents

    stay in the lead by offering a workplace that attracts talent


  • Easy to install
  • Data security with 100% anonymity
  • High accuracy
  • Ceiling-mounted sensors - not depending on room layout
  • Turnkey solution for new buildings and retrofit projects

How it works

System architecture

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